TARGET:            2,200
RESPONSES:     2,219

UNIQUE RESPONSES*:          2,219

MINIMUM REQUIRED:           1,000

WPMT SUBMISSIONS**:          226

launched:              28.01.13  @ 10:00am

closed:                     1.04.13  @ 07:00pm

Public Survey


Cast your opinion in this anonymous 7 minute survey ...then ask your friends if they've had their say too!

As part of our ongoing public consultation process, we've commissioned a market survey to better understand public ideas, values and perceptions. MWCC is listening openly to the broadest community views and opinion, and offers all Hobartians to have a phenomenal level of input to help shape the proposal ahead.

*    Managed independently by AddPoll. Limited to 1 response per computer and mobile device - multiple responses from an identical IP address are disregarded)

**  WPMT submissions pertaining to a change in their management plan to allow consideration of cable car formal proposals.